FY 2016 Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS) funding opportunity on nitrogen, phosphorus, and water

This Dear Colleague Letter NSF sent out regarding INFEWS.

The FY2016 topics of interest are the following:

    • Advancements of catalytic methods for the reduction of nitrogen to ammonia that will permit reductions in the energy requirements for fertilizer production;
    • Developing new sensing modalities that will lead to field-deployable, inexpensive, and environmentally and energetically sustainable sensors for real-time monitoring of nitrogen- or phosphorus-containing species as they move, via agricultural run-off, to other water systems; and
    • Gaining an understanding of the supramolecular recognition and binding of environmentally-relevant nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing species. Such efforts are essential for the selective and efficient detection, sequestration/separation, and recycling of these elements as well as for water purification efforts.

For more information, please refer to Dear Colleague Letter NSF.