Hablas plantas? CALS hosts vegetable grafting workshop in Spanish

Nienhuis workshop
Attendees take part in a hands-on workshop.

Earlier this month, CALS horticulturists Jim Nienhuis and Eric Gutierrez hosted a 9-day workshop focused on vegetable grafting technology. The 28 attendees included students, extension scientists and leaders of women’s cooperatives from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. The workshop, conducted entirely in Spanish, was co-hosted by Matt Kleinhez of The Ohio State University and Carlos Ramirez of Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica.

Attendees were particularly interested in using pathogen-resistant tomato rootstocks along with virus-resistant scions to produce physical hybrids (rather than genetic hybrids) that combine pathogen resistance. In addition to hands-on workshops in grafting technology, participants also visited gardens, markets, farms, Minhas Brewery and Wollersheim Winery.

This workshop was funded, in part, by the Horticulture Innovation Lab at UC-Davis.

Nienhuis workshop group