Candy school: Sweet media coverage for a sweet short course

1001217_597952436921604_831485589_nLast week, food science professor Rich Hartel had quite a few special guests drop by for a visit during the 53th annual Resident Course in Confectionery Technology, a.k.a. “candy school.” Thursday was a particularly popular day.

That morning, while the 30 participants in the school were cooking up toffee, caramel and fudge, reporters and photographers from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times spent time with the students, interviewing them and taking hundreds of photos.

“It was crazy, but we managed OK,” says Hartel, who coordinates the school, which is the nation’s top hands-on training opportunity for candy makers.

The coverage included a front page story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Friday paper, a great piece in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal and a colorful collection of photos on The Capital Times website.

On Friday, a crew from Channel 3000 showed up and produced this nice TV news spot.

“It also generated a request from NPR, a request for assistance from a science teacher in Milwaukee and a request from a dentist to help make a candy that can extract crowns,” notes Hartel.