CALS seeks Thanksgiving-themed art made of bacteria

Do you have access to safe, colorful bacteria in your lab? Do you and your lab mates like to get creative?

Then consider putting together a piece of Thanksgiving-themed, bacteria-based art on a petri dish and submitting a photo of your creation to the CALS Office of External Relations. Multiple submissions are welcome from the same person/lab. Submissions received by mid-September will be considered for use on the college’s annual Thanksgiving card and for highlighting on CALS social media and in eCALS.

Send questions and photo submissions to Caroline Schneider at

Here are a few subject suggestions to help get the creative juices flowing: a pumpkin, a cornucopia, a pastoral landscape. Other ideas welcome! (And here are some visual examples of some Christmas-themed petri dish pieces:

A note on photo quality: High-quality photos would be greatly appreciated. At the very least, send full-size smart phone photos. But higher-quality photos from cameras would be even better.