Recent news articles highlight CALS’ economic value

Word is spreading about CALS’ economic value. Lynn Grooms, a reporter at Agri-View, penned an article last week titled “UW-Madison’s research programs pack punch” that focuses on CALS’ particular contributions. Back in April, a story by freelancer Martin Hintz ran in Biz Times Milwaukee titled “UW-Madison’s CALS: Shaping the future of agriculture research.”

In her story, Grooms wrote: “In fiscal year 2014 alone, 40 U.S. patents were issued for technologies developed by CALS researchers. The college’s innovations have produced more intellectual-property income than those of any other schools at UW-Madison.” The article then goes on to describe CALS-led projects related to biofuels, cranberries and potatoes, as well as some of our college’s research partnerships. Read the full story here.

Hintz’s story helps support the idea that cutting-edge research is what keeps Wisconsin’s agricultural sector so strong. One section reads, “A major component in keeping Wisconsin an agriculture powerhouse is a research support system that ensures a quality food product, improved cultivation methods, cutting-edge growing and harvesting techniques and perfected breeding.” Read the full story here.