New website for employment opportunities/job listings

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) has launched their new website today:   Access to employment information for all  job opportunities has changed – job listings now appear under the “Employment” tab on the OHR home page. To see the listings from the home page, click on the “Employment” tab which appears under the UW logo:


Opportunities are first listed by type:  Internal Candidates, External Candidates, Research Associate/Research Intern Vacancies, and Other Employment Opportunities. Within each type, job listings are grouped together in job families. You may search “All Staff Vacancies” or search within a specific “Functional Area.”


1) Staff Vacancies includes the job listings for both the Academic Staff and University (Classified) Staff employment categories.

2) Temporary Employment category – you may have previously known this as limited term employment.

3) If you look at a specific functional area and no positions are listed, it means there are no vacant positions posted within that functional area at the time of your search.