SciMed GRS graduate students receive NSF and Ford Foundation Fellowships

SciMed Graduate Research Scholars (SciMed GRS) is proud to announce that several students in their community are recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the Ford Foundation Fellowship. The SciMed GRS program currently has 16 NSF fellows and two Ford Fellows in their community. The 2015-16 fellowship recipients are recognized below.

NSF Graduate Reserarch Fellowship
Maria Chavez (Agrocecology – incoming Fall 2015), Jasenia Hartman  (Neuroscience – incoming Fall 2015), Michelle Pearson (Plant Pathology) and Nicholas Santistevan (Genetics).

Honorable Mention: Nadia Khan (Cellular & Molecular Biology), Kassi Crocker (Genetics)

Ford Foundation Fellowship
Tomás Rush (Plant Pathology)

Honorable Mention: Gianna Hernandez (Cellular & Molecular Pathology, Lorraine Rodriguez-Bonilla (Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics)

The SciMed GRS Program is a fellowship program for underrepresented graduate students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the School of Medicine and Public Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, and School of Pharmacy. SciMed GRS coordinates professional development and networking events for fellowship recipients and provides opportunities for students to interact across disciplines in science and medicine.