Stupski Prize in prostate cancer computational oncology

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the Stupski Prize in Prostate Cancer Computational Oncology, a first-in-field initiative designed to attract novel ideas to the field of cancer bioinformatics. These solutions will help clinicians and researchers optimize treatment for individual prostate cancer patients and will likely lead to breakthroughs in other cancers as common molecular drivers are uncovered.

A total of five $25,000 prizes will be awarded over the next two years. Additional details on this initiative may be found in our official press release:

The inaugural Stupski Prize was awarded to Nikolaus Schultz, PhD, for his work developing the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics. Future prizes will be awarded as a result of global, crowdsourced competitions. We encourage all interested parties to sign up on our website to be notified of upcoming Stupski Prize competitions: