BSE grad student among WARF Discovery Challenge winners

Jiehao Guan (right). Photo courtesy of WARF.
Jiehao Guan (right). Photo courtesy of WARF.

Jiehao Guan, a graduate student in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, won a peer award for his proposal, titled “A Surfactant Mediate Gold Nanoparticles for Selective and Sensitive Silver Detection,” at the WARF Discovery Challenge Research Symposium on April 9.

There were more than 85 presenters at the symposium from biochemistry to economics, pathology and mechanical engineering. The symposium, which is considered “phase I” of the WARF Discovery Challenge, featured two poster sessions and cash prizes awarded to the most creative, impactful and collaborative proposals.

Discovery Challenge activities will wrap up this fall at the “phase II” research award competition, which is open to original research ideas proposed by interdisciplinary teams. All spring symposium presenters and participants — not just the prize winners — will be eligible to compete for awards of up to $7,500 at the fall event.