Great horned owls raising two owlets along lakeshore path

Two owlets with a parent nearby (on left, obscured by branches). Photo by Tom Bennett.

About two weeks ago, people started reporting sightings of a great horned owl hanging out on a tree along the lakeshore path. The UWMadScience blog speculated the owl might be watching a nest in a hole in the tree.

owl baby, Tom Bennett
Photo by Tom Bennett.

That hunch turned out to be correct.

Early last week, the blog confirmed the presence of a baby owlet, and now it’s clear there’s a second. And what cute, fuzzy things they are.

Tom Bennett from the UW School of Veterinary Medicine took these stunning photos and was kind enough to let eCALS share them in this post.

The owls are being spotted regularly in the large oak trees to the west of DeJope Residence Hall. If you decide to go look for them, take your binoculars and please keep a respectful distance–for the sake of the owls and for the Willow Drive American Indian effigy/burial mounds in that area.

For more information about the owls, check out the UWMadScience blog.

Photo by Tom Bennett.