Photos: A visit to the Walnut Street Greenhouses

CALS photographer Sevie Kenyon stopped by the Walnut Street Greenhouses last week to take some photos. Deena Patterson, horticultural technician, was kind enough to give him the grand tour. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the shoot. More are available in this CALS Flickr album:

The fruit of Yiquin Weng’s USDA cucumber program show a delightful diversity of colors, shapes and textures.


Corn plants
Irwin Goldman’s lab using fly power to pollinate their carrots. Flies are present inside the white fabric cages.


Greenhouse researcher
Tim Woody, from the Amasino lab, harvesting tiny Brassica seeds.


potato seeds
Though most commercial potato plants are started from genetically identical pieces of tuber, these green balls are the result of pollinated flowers and contain tiny potato seeds. They’re of interest to potato researchers like Shelley Jansky, who wants to look at new combinations of genes.


Bright yellow cucumber flowers.