Spring issue of Grow magazine features yeast, diabetes findings and more

The spring 2015 issue of Grow will be showing up in mailboxes soon.

The spring issue of Grow magazine up online and will be arriving in mailboxes this week. Feature stories include:

* Yeasts help us develop products ranging from beer and biofuel to forage and pharmaceuticals. And according to genetics professor Chris Todd Hittinger and his CALS colleagues, these hardworking microbes have still more to offer.

* Biochemist Alan Attie tracks the internal mechanisms behind diabetes, a fast-growing disease that takes millions of lives each year.

* UW-Madison’s prodigious insect collection will soon be online for everyone to enjoy, thanks to new technology and the efforts of entomology professor Daniel Young.

And, as always, if you ace our Final Exam, you might win a Babcock Hall cheese box. Good luck–and happy spring reading!