Snowy owl with GPS transmitter released at Arlington Ag Research Station

IMG_4352Snowy owls have been spending a lot of time in Wisconsin this winter, including at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station‘s beef grazing facility on Highway K, which is located just south of the Madison Audubon Society’s Goose Pond Sanctuary, another favorite hangout for the birds. On Feb. 13 the Madison Audubon Society trapped a snowy owl near Stevens Point in order to put a state-of-the-art GPS transmitter on it. This was done in collaboration with Project SNOWstorm, a national snowy owl research organization, as part of an ongoing project to study the species. The bird was released on the Arlington ARS property later that day.

More than a handful of ARS staff witnessed the bird’s release, including Kim Meyer, who recorded the video above, and Jane Cahoon, who took the photo.

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