PBS show “Earth: A New Wild” features upcoming Leopold Lecture speaker

Earth-A New WildM. Sanjayan, executive VP and senior scientist at Conservation International, will give the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology’s annual Leopold Lecture on May 8 on the topic “A New Wild: Saving Nature in a Human-Dominated World.” While that’s still months away, an upcoming PBS series will cover similar ground – and serve as a great preview for Sanjayan’s campus talk.

Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 4, 8-10 pm, Sanjayan will host a new PBS series produced by National Geographic titled Earth: A New Wild. The series has five segments: Home, Forests, Plains, Oceans and Water. The initial program, shown locally on WPT on Feb. 4, will show both Home and Plains. The other segments will air on consecutive Wednesdays (Forests on Feb. 11, 9-10 pm; Oceans on Feb. 18, 9-10 pm; and Water on Feb. 25, 9-10 pm).

The promotional material states that the series “takes a fresh look at humankind’s relationship to the planet’s wildest places and most fascinating species. Earth: A New Wild uses advanced filming techniques to provide visuals as stunning as the best natural history programs. Distinguishing itself from nearly all other nature films, however, the series turns the cameras around, showing the world as it really is–with humans in the picture.”

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