Call for nominations: UW Teaching Academy seeks Fellows and Future Faculty Partners

The UW-Madison Teaching Academy has just issued its 2015 Call for Nominations and the CALS Office of Academic Affairs encourages you to consider submitting your name (if you are not already a member) or consider nominating a colleague if you already belong. If you’d like to be nominated but need to identify someone to do the nominating, please contact Sarah Pfatteicher, Teaching Academy Fellow and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

More details: The Teaching Academy is looking for new faculty/staff Fellows or graduate/professional student or postdoctoral Future Faculty Partners. Nominees should have (1) demonstrated teaching excellence and (2) a willingness to be active participants in Academy events and governance. Fellows require a minimum of three years of teaching service at UW-Madison, whereas FFPs require three semesters of teaching experience (broadly construed) at UW-Madison.

Nominees should be committed to promoting excellence in teaching and to participating in the Teaching Academy. For more details and nomination packages, please visit here (for Fellows) or here  (for FFPs). The Induction Ceremony for new Fellows and Future Faculty Partners takes place in April 2015. Complete applications are due on Friday, March 27, 2015.