CALS in the News for the Week of January 17-23

In the News:

Thomas Schomisch, former Life Sciences Communications chair, remembered
Agri-View 1/22/15
Mentioned: Thomas Schomisch, deceased, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Elton Aberle, emeritus, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Larry Meiller, emeritus, Life Sciences Communication

Reinventing the potato
modern farmer 1/23/15
Quoted: Shelley Jansky, Horticulture

Lauer compares yields, variable breeding, sustainability
Agri-View 1/22/15
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Replanting beans: No knee-jerk decisions
Agri-View 1/22/15
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Farming for Profit dairy series begins Feb. 2
Sawyer County Record
Mentioned: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Mentioned: David Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering

The Tricky Terrain for GMO Communication
Discover 1/16/15
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

UW-Madison students explore home brews with the Badger Brewing Association
Isthmus 1/15/15
Quoted: Jim Steele, Food Science

Wisconsin’s ‘Sweet Scientists’ Talk About Their ‘Amazing Race’ Win – Audio
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/15/15
Quoted: Maya Warren, graduate student, Food Science
Quoted: Amy DeJong, graduate student, Food Science

Grain farmers won’t get rewarded for outstanding corn harvest in 2014
Wisconsin State Journal 1/14/15
Quoted: Brian Gould, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Deadlines loom for crop insurance program sign-up
The Country Today 1/19/15
Quoted: Paul Mitchell, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Brooks plans to return to farm once ‘Alice’ duties end
The Country Today 1/19/15
Quoted: Zoey Brooks, Animal Sciences

UW-Extension specialist: Reconsider soybean maturity grouping
The Country Today 1/19/15
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Beans-on-beans: Don’t do it
Agri-View 1/22/15
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

UW corn-evaluation programs continue
Agri-View 1/22/15
Mentioned: CALS

Safer, more natural insect control result of research – Audio
CALS News 1/23/15
Quoted: Heidi Goodrich-Blair 1/23/15

Forecasting 2015 Agricultural Trends:

Cropp: January dairy situation and outlook
Dairy Herd Management 1/22/15
Author: Bob Cropp, emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Farm economy soars in 2014 with the help of dairy’s great year
Wisconsin State Journal 1/21/15
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Ag Economist Set to Hold Wisconsin Ag Outlook Forum Today
Wisconsin Ag Connection 1/21/15
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Dairy industry braces for bust following 2014 boom 1/21/15
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW experts forecast Wis. ag trends
Morning Ag Clips 1/20/15
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW experts forecasting 2015 agriculture trends
UW-Madison 1/20/15
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest:

Splitting UW System, UW-Madison from state being discussed at Capitol
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/17/15

On campus: UW-Madison student government opposes possible split from state
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/20/15

Scott Walker acknowledges considering more autonomy for UW System
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/20/15

Chancellor Rebecca Blank tells UW-Madison to brace for budget cuts
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/22/15

UW’s online course on land ethics/hunting offers off-line lessons, too
Wisconsin State Journal 1/22/15

White-nose syndrome spreading among Wisconsin bats
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/20/15

Is state-of-the-art farming coming to a field near you?
the guardian 1/20/15

Seniors and Vertical Farming, Together at Last
modern farmer 1/19/15