An amazing break on The Amazing Race: #SweetScientists advance to final leg of competition


Finally! The big finish episode of the current season of The Amazing Race reality series will be broadcast this Friday, and if this season were handled like the previous 24 seasons, UW-Madison food science grad students Amy DeJong and Maya Warren would not be on this week’s show. The duo, known as the #SweetScientists, finished last among the four teams in the penultimate leg of the race. But, in a surprise announcement, host Phil Keoghan decided not to send Amy and Maya home. They get to compete in the final leg and are still in running for the $1 million prize. * Here’s a clip of them talking about last Friday’s episode and an recap in The Capital Times.

As one entertainment writer put it: “I’m happy to have them as finalists (although slightly concerned Maya’s head might actually explode from sheer pep if they win) …”


* They actuallly came home long ago—the show is taped and the winners have already won—but those who know are sworn to secrecy and we’re all pretending this reality is real rather than recorded.