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Departments can access Donor Stewardship Report online

The Donor Stewardship Report is now available on Advancement Resources ( If you have received login credentials for UW Advancement Resources, you can access this report. If you do not have access, please contact someone in your department.

This report replaces the Merge File report in Campus Access which provided the information you need to thank donors to your units. All gifts received in August and September 2014 have been posted and subsequent gifts will be viewable one day after they are posted. We know you’re all eager to thank your donors! Thanks for your patience.

Attached please find training material for the Donor Stewardship Report, as well as other Fund Management reports available on the Advancement Resources website.  We’ve provided some tips below for pulling information easily and accurately from this report. The following are functions available on the site and some tips

  • If you would like to view gifts for all of August and September, use the Date Selection type of “Transaction Post Date”.
  • If you want to see gifts entered the previous day/week, use the Date Selection type of “Date Entered”.
  • Due to ongoing efforts to clean-up converted gift data, you may see some gifts with an old (1985, etc.) Transaction Post Date. This is because the Date Entered field is looking for transactions completed by the Gift Processing team within the date range selected. To make sure you do not acknowledge an old gift, please sort the file by Revenue Transaction ID. Any ID that does not start with “rev” is an old gift and should not be acknowledged again. You can also sort by “Transaction Date” to confirm the gift is not a new gift.
  • There are some circumstances where gifts have multiple recognition credits in the report, ie Donor Directed and Soft Credit. Please use the “Highlight Duplicates” formatting tool outlined in the Courseware to review and identify the donor you would like to thank from the file before merging.
  • This report includes matching gifts from companies. When you include Organizations and Individuals in the report, it is easy to differentiate the “Matching Company” versus the individual receiving “Soft” recognition credit by using the Revenue Transaction ID. If you run the report for individuals only, the company will not be included on the report, only the individual. To identify individuals who received “Soft” credit due to a matching gift, sort the report by the “Matching Gift (Column Y)” field. Any individual with “Yes” in the field are on the report because they initiated a matching gift claim and the company paid the pledge.
  • Donor Directed and Soft Credits. The report is currently listing spouses associated with a Donor Directed gift on two lines. Please be mindful of this for acknowledgement purposes to avoid
  • There is change in what you will see when the transaction includes a goods and services component. For example: If someone makes a gift of $2500, of which $400 are goods and services, this will be reflected on the report as the full amount of $2500. International Addresses are not currently pulling in country code. Please consider emailing them a personalized thank you.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Help Center.