WALSAA Innovation Grant Program offers money for CALS student groups:

WALSAA—the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association—would like to invite you and your respective CALS organizations and groups to apply for funding via the WALSAA Innovation Grant program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but target dates are October 1, February 1 and May 1. All applications will be considered regardless of date submitted.

The program is aimed at CALS student organizations, teams, and groups. Events, conferences, conclaves and presentations are appropriate uses for an Innovation Grant. The key is innovation. What about the program is new and exciting? How are your members learning through a new process? Why is your event in 2015 different from the same event in 2014? Please direct all questions to

The application can be found on the WALSAA Scholarship Page

Read about last year’s winners.

We look forward to your applications!