No better time to tend to your lawn

soldat-2If you’ve got any thoughts of seeding your lawn, get cracking, says UW-Madison turf expert Doug Soldat. In fact, if you’re going to invest any time or money in any kind of lawn care, late summer and early fall is the perfect time, Soldat says in a new CALS podcast.

“The optimum timeline for seeding is August 15th through September 15th. It’s also a perfect time to think about fertilizing your lawn. Finally it is also the best time for weed control. And the window for weed control extends until about the first hard frost,” he says.

Why fall?

“There’s not a lot of weeds germinating. You have these really nice, warm, sunny days, and the nighttime temperatures get really low. And that allows the plant to make a lot of sugar, make a lot of food, and start growing really rapidly and recovering from any damage that had happened during the year,“ he explains.