Fall deadline for Distinguished Prefix applications is August 1


UPDATE: Distingushed Prefix title applications are due to the CALS Human Resources office by Tuesday, July 1, 2014. The July 1 date assures there will be sufficient time for college review/approval, incorporation of a dean’s letter of support, and preparation/submission by the UW campuswide deadline. When submitting to CALS, the application packet should be in a format that allows editing of the table of contents, without page numbering of the packet. This is so that once the Dean’s letter is incorporated, the table of contents can be edited and the packet then numbered according to campus guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the CALS HR office.


If you are a mid to late career academic staff member, you may be eligible to apply for a Distinguished Prefix title.  The Distinguished Prefix was created to recognize academic staff who have extensive experience, advanced skills and knowledge, and a reputation beyond their school/college/division.  Currently, only some Category A titles in the Professional title series and some Category B titles in the Instructional and Research title series have the Distinguished Prefix (excludes limited appointments and the program manager series).  To find out if your title series has a Distinguished Prefix option, you can visit and search for your title. The distinguished title is considered a promotion and includes a 5-10% base salary adjustment.

For more information and for details regarding applications for this promotion, please visit  Your application should not contain any items that are not specifically mentioned in the guidelines.  The Secretary’s office does have several sample application packets that you can view in person; if you are interested, please contact my office to make an appointment.

Be sure to check with your department/unit human resources office and your school/college/division human resources office for additional information and deadlines.  There is parallel paperwork that must be prepared by these offices, in addition to the application you are preparing.

Fall applications can be submitted at any time, but are due to Secretary’s office no later than August 1.  If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of the Academic Staff office.

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