Academic Staff Institute: Register by Wednesday

Wednesday is the deadline to register for this year’s Academic Staff Institute. The event takes place on Tuesday, April 1, 8:45 a.m.–2:30 p.m. (registration begins at 8:15) at Union South. The registration fee is $10 and includes lunch. Please register online.

Keynote speakers:

  • Ray Cross, UW System President
  • Jennifer Cheatham, Superintendent of Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Julie Underwood, Dean, School of Education

Closing Session: 

  • Improve Your Day Through Movement: Ellen Dixon, Coordinator of Fitness/Wellness, Division of Recreational Sports and Jess Gorzelitz, Coordinator of Personal Training

Breakout Sessions:

  • Early to Mid-Career Benefit Maximization and Retirement Planning: Thomasin Propson, UW-Madison Benefits Services, Office of Human Resources
  • Legislative Update: Kathi Kilgore, Academic Staff Professionals Representation Organization
  • Beyond the Game: André Harris, Beyond the Game & Student-Athlete Development Coordinator; Bridget Woodruff, Director of Student-Athlete Development ; Dr. Lavar Charleston, Assistant Director Wei Lab, BTG instructor; Douglas Tiedt, Associate Athletic Director for Student Services; DeVon Wilson, Director, Center for Academic Excellence/L&S MD Coordinator
  • How to Make an Impact at UW-Madison: Ann Fillback Watt, member of School of Education CASI; Jesse Markow, academic staff representative and Co-Chair of the Recreation Sports Board; Jim Rogers, member of Academic Staff Nominating Committee and Academic Staff Assembly
  • How is Your Financial Literacy?: J. Michael Collins, Associate Professor Center for Financial Security; Karen Holden, Professor Emeritus Center for Financial Security
  • Add to Your Stress Resiliency Toolbox:  ‘With a Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action: Sharon Colby, Trainer and Consultant from Slipstream Collaborative

Working with Diverse Communities: Listening, engaging and creating lasting partnerships Sarah L. Esmond, MS, Administrative Director UW Collaborative Center for Health Equity Melissa F. Greendeer, MS, Community and Academic Support Coordinator, UW Native American Center for Health Professions Marcia Villa, CCHE Research Ambassador/Community Research Specialist, United Community Center   What You Need to Know Before Things Go Wrong Barbara Gerloff, Co-Chair Academic Staff Appeals Committee Paige Reed, UW System Legal Counsel   Microaggressions Professor Steve Quintana, UW-Madison Dept. of Educational Psychology Alyssa Ramirez-Stege, Graduate Student Nancy Herrera, Graduate Student   Coping with Workplace Conflict When It Just Won’t Go Away Sharon Colby, Trainer and Consultant from Slipstream Collaborative   Job Security: Your Rights as Academic Staff Deb Brauer, Co-Chair Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee Linda Scholl, Co-Chair Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee