Time to conduct academic staff performance reviews

As we begin 2014 and the second half of the academic year, we would like to remind all supervisors of the importance of regular performance reviews. We are pleased that many CALS departments and centers routinely conduct performance reviews for Academic Staff. We view this process as a critical part of each staff member’s professional development and a supervisor’s responsibility.

Campus personnel policy (Chapter 10 of the Academic Staff Personnel Policies) outlines the need for all supervisors to conduct regular performance reviews for staff. Performance evaluations are important tools to use in assessing an employee’s performance. We encourage supervisors to use the performance evaluation process as an important and positive opportunity to open or increase communication between supervisor and employee, to align or re-align individual and operational area goals, to discuss skill sets and define growth opportunities, and to build and/or strengthen relationships.

The CALS Committee on Academic Staff Issues requests that formal performance reviews be conducted during the first quarter of 2014 for all Academic Staff employees. This is also the perfect time to review and update Position Descriptions for Academic Staff. Once completed, please retain finalized copies of performance reviews and position descriptions in your department/center employee file, and submit a copy of both to CALS HR (paper copy to 240 Agricultural Hall or electronic copy to

We know that for some, this process may be difficult and uncomfortable. If you would like assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to contact CALS Human Resources.  In addition, the UW-Madison Office of Human Resource Development has on-line tools to assist supervisors with performance evaluations.

If your Department/Center does not have an established review form, an Academic Staff form is available here.

Bob Mitchell, Chair, CALS CASI

Dick Straub, Co-Chair, CALS CASI

Carol Hillmer, Assistant Dean, CALS HR