Vanishing foliage: Students sell out of holiday trees and plants in record time

At the UW Forestry Club’s annual Christmas Tree Sale this past weekend, the trees were selling like… Christmas trees in early December. Although the sale was scheduled to run through Sunday, according to the UW Forestry Club’s Facebook Page, the club ran out of trees at 11:33 am on Saturday morning—beating last year’s record by 6 minutes.

“The UW Forestry Club would like to thank you for your generous and continued support,” says club advisor and FWE professor Scott Bowe. “Proceeds from the sale will support student professional development activities within the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology.  We hope to see all of you at next year’s sale, December 5-7, 2014, in the UW Stock Pavilion.”


The Horticulture Club also ran out of plants early on Saturday. At 12:28 pm that day they posted on their Facebook Page: “The only plants we have left to sell are the ones that people have already reserved! If you have reserved a plant, please come and pick them up. If you have not, sorry…”