Strategic Planning Update: ARS working group

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the alumni engagement project, identified as a target for additional planning from the college’s Strategic Framework. Another area of interest identified for future planning is the CALS Agricultural Research Stations.

The ARS Priorities and Planning group has been charged to develop principles and guidelines for robust decision-making regarding the form and function of the CALS ARS. The framework they develop will be used in future decisions including, but not limited to, resource allocation (both in times of scarcity and abundance). The group plans to examine current business models, benchmark with other institutions and catalog current activities and priorities. Their recommendations will be presented to project sponsors in May of 2014.

The ARS Priorities and Planning working group includes: Scott Bowe (professor, Forest and Wildlife Ecology), Russell Groves (chair; associate professor, Entomology), Richard Lindroth (ex officio member; associate dean, research; associate director, ARS), Dwight Mueller (director, ARS), Kevin Shinners (professor, Biological Systems Engineering), David Stoltenberg (professor, Agronomy), David Thomas (professor, Animal Science).