A 50-year tradition: Poultry club is taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys

The Turkey Sale has been an activity of the Poultry Science Club for over 50 years. The sale has gone through many changes through the years. The club started with getting live turkeys to process from the campus turkey research project. After that research was ended the club received live turkeys to process from a local grower. This source could only offer limited sizes and eventually this source also ended. The club then shifted to getting pre-dressed, fresh turkeys from a local source.

Turkeys – Fresh from a local source. The sizes range from 11-26 lbs. The price this year will be $2 per pound. Turkey prices this year are higher in general due to the increasingly high price of feed.

Please order by November 8th:

  • email to Rachel Taylor at or Sarah Miller at
  • or phone Ron Kean at (608)262-8807