CALS in the News for the Week of October 12-18

In the News:

Pioneers of bioengineering deserve their recognition
Star Tribune 10/15/2013
Author: Kate VandenBosch, CALS Dean

UW CALS dean co-authors letter supporting giving the World Food Prize to bioengineering pioneers
CALS News 10/16/2013
Mentioned: Kate VandenBosch, CALS Dean

Bonus column: All approaches needed to fight world hunger 10/16/2013
Mentioned: Kate VandenBosch, CALS Dean

Could NFL concussion questions be solved by fly swatters?
Los Angeles Times 10/14/2013
Mentioned: Barry Ganetzky, Genetics

From football to flies: lessons about traumatic brain injury
UW-Madison News 10/14/2013
Quoted: Barry Ganetzky, Genetics

Tickled pink: Flamingos return to Bascom Hill 10/16/2013
Mentioned: CALS

New drink in the pipeline for Dysphagia sufferers (Audio)
CALS News 10/18/2013
Quoted: Rich Hartel, Food Science

Forage Shortage – Print
Dairymen’s Digest September-October 2013
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Surveying the trees of Flambeau Forest
The Daily Cardinal 10/15/2013
Quoted: Autumn Sabo, graduate student, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Growth industry: New faculty member supports local produce
CALS News 10/15/2013
Quoted: Julie Dawson, Horticulture

Study puts freshwater biodiversity on the map
UW-Madison News 10/16/2013
Qutoed: Sebastian Martinuzzi, Fores and Wildlife Ecology

Social Media for Social Change 10/10/2013
Quoted: Don Stanley, Life Sciences Communication

The Bee Crisis And Wisconsin (Audio)
Wisconsin Public Radio 10/15/2013
Quoted: Hannah Gaines Day, Entomology

Biting bad: The nightmare of bedbugs in Madison homes
Isthmus 10/10/2013
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

Scientists question state’s course on wolves 10/13/2013
Quoted: Timothy Van Deelen, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Quoted: Jennifer Stenglein, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Comment isn’t free: the downside to Web 2.0
New Scientist 10/15/2013
Author: Dietram Scheufele

Of Interest:

Opposition continues as Wisconsin’s second wolf hunt season begins
The Cap Times 10/16/2013

Winning the debate and losing the audience 10/14/2013

Dairy exports expected to shatter previous record
Dairyherd Network 10/15/2013

Long-delayed US farm bill heads for final showdown
Reuters 10/11/2013

Study: Raw and Pasteurized Milk Differ in Taste, Smell and Safety
Food Safety News 10/10/2013