CALS Strategic Plan: New publication outlines first year’s findings and next steps

StratPlanCoverGrowing the Future, the college’s formal publication for strategic planning is now available online. You’ve likely seen briefer accounts of what was achieved during the first year of this ongoing process. This publication offers a more in-depth look. It also outlines strategies and next steps for carrying out the plan.

The next phase of the strategic planning process is now underway. Working groups have been set up to follow up on nine of the first steps identified to carry out the strategies identifed during year one.

Those working groups include:

  • Education capacity metrics
  • Use of 101-funded grad assistanships
  • The relationship between CALS and UW-Extension
  • Alumni programs and services
  • Agricultural Research Stations

To request a printed copy, please contact Kara Luedtke(608-890-2999). If you have questions about how the strategic planning process is proceeding, contact Mark Rickenbach, (608) 225-2477, who is coordinating the next phase.