CALS in the News for the Week of July 1-5

In the News

Hunger In Africa Combated With Age-Old Farming Practice
Huffington Post 6/27/2013
Featuring: Carl T. Wahl, Alumni, Agroecology

Traditional brats are suddenly hot and healthier, too
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 7/3/2013
Quoted: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Science

Pests, diseases showing no mercy despite farmers’ weather woes
Agri-View 7/1/2013
Quoted: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology

The Bug Doctor: Phil Pellitteri
Inside UW-Madison/YouTube Video
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology
Quoted: Larry Meiller, Life Sciences Communication

Opinion: Tweeting to the Top
The Scientist 7/2/2013
Author: Sara K. Yeo,Life Sciences Communication
Author: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication
Author: Dietram A. Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Researchers unearth bioenergy potential in leaf-cutter ant communities
Environmental Research Web 7/5/2013
Quoted: Frank Aylward, Bacteriology

Are Fungus-Farming Ants the Key to Better Biofuel?
Mother Jones 6/18/2013
Quoted: Frank Aylward, Bacteriology

Workers busy preparing for Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
WQOW TV Eau Claire 7/2/2013
Quoted: Ron Schuler, Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering

Cow manure: Resource for biofuels and other products
Agri-View 7/1/2013
Quoted: Aicardo Roa-Espinosa, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: John Markley, Biochemistry
Mentioned: John Norman, Emeritus, Soil Science
Mentioned: Tom Cox, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Troy Runge, Biological Systems Engineering

Welcome to “de-extinction” – Audio
CALS News 7/5/2013
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Emeritus, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW’s CDR Educates Whole Foods Cheesemongers
Farm Report 7/2/2013
Mentioned: Babcock Hall
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Rain keeping Wisconsin mosquitoes at bay
Sheboygan Press 7/1/2013
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

Of Interest

Buzz-Worthy: The World’s Smallest Flying Robot
Robots replacing bees?
Bloomberg/PlanetForward 7/2/2013 – Video

UW-Madison PEOPLE Program profile of success grows in for Milwaukee students
Milwaukee Courier 6/27/2013