Gov’s veto means CALS capital projects will move ahead

There was good news for CALS in Governor Walker’s veto message — the accounting of what provisions he chose to veto from the 2013-2015 biennial budget, and why.

CALS capital projects move ahead (veto 35). Walker’s veto of a provision passed by the legislature requiring the State Building Commission to re-consider their project list and cut an additional $250 million in new borrowing means that both the CDR/Dairy plant and the meat lab capital projects have been formally included in the budget.  Walker has instructed the DOA to reduce general obligation bonds by $250 million.

Oversight on sales of state-owned property sales (veto 37). Walker partially vetoed language related to selling state property, maintaining both Building Commission and Joint Finance Committee oversight on sales and leases. He also allows the Building Commission and the DOA secretary the authority to use proceeds toward retirement of debt.

Policies on outside groups collaborating with UW (veto 31). Walker vetoed the provision barring the non-profit Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from collaborating with UW personnel and using UW facilities. Walker said he will direct the UW Board of Regents to develop a comprehensive policy regarding outside groups making use of university space or staff. While WCIJ itself doesn’t involve CALS, any restriction on collaborating with outside groups certainly would. CALS faculty, staff and students collaborate with a wide variety of nonprofit stakeholder groups in the course of their work.