Federal Funding Opportunities

Federal funding opportunities from the week of June 17 – June 21

DoD Prostate Cancer Collaborative Undergraduate HBCU Student Summer Training Program

DoD Prostate Cancer Exploration-Hypothesis Development Award

DoD Prostate Cancer Dr. Barbara Terry-Koroma Health Disparity Research Award

DoD Prostate Cancer Physician Research Training Award

DoD Prostate Cancer Population Science Impact Award

DoD Prostate Cancer Postdoctoral Training Award

DoD Peer Reviewed Medical Discovery Award

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures – Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture

BLM WY Whoopup Firelines Rehabilitation

Collect Oral History Interviews in the Upper Tanana Region for Project

Monitoring Estuarine Condition at Colonial NHP, George Washington Birthplace NM, and Assateague Island NS

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 7 – Office of the Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council

Central Valley Project Conservation Program and Central Valley Project Improvement Act Habitat Restoration Program

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering Study

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Clinical Network Hub

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Clinical Centers

HIV/AIDS and Substance Use Among the Homeless and Unstably Housed

HIV/AIDS and Substance Use among Black/African American Women and Young MSM

Integrating Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment within HIV/AIDS Service Delivery Settings

Comorbid HIV, Chronic Pain, and Substance Use among Older Adults

Rapid Secondary Analysis to Optimize Care for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Addressing Methodological Challenges in Research for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Vet-LIRN Cooperative Agreement Program to Expand and Validate Testing Methods for Food Contaminants in Animal Diagnostic Specimens

Research to Characterize and Reduce Stigma to Improve Health

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants in the Directorate for Biological Sciences (DDIG)

SBE Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (SBE DDRIG)

Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR)

Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry

EAR Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF)

Integrated Research, Education, and Extension Competitive Grants Program – National Integrated Water Quality Program

Rural Youth Development (RYD)

Expert Integrated Pest Management Decision Support System

Central Africa Forest Ecosystems Conservation

Strengthening Central Africa Environmental Management and Policy Support