Federal Funding Opportunities

Federal funding opportunities from the week of June 10 – June 14

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Investigator-Initiated Research Award

Lung Cancer Concept Award

Wilderness Stewardship Training and Commemoration Activities

Contrasts in Health Indices of Delta Smelt Reared in the Low Salinity Zone and Cache Slough Regions

Monitoring Ecological Function and Recovery of Biological Communities within Dredged Ridge-Swale Habitats and in the Mid- and South-Atlantic Bight

Deer Creek DCID Dam Fish Passage Project

Addressing National Science, Conservation Information, and Related Decision Support Needs

Minor Use Minor Species Development Drugs

Immunology Quality Assessment Program

Research Education Opportunities

Unveiling the Genome: Genetic Architecture of Severe Mental Disorders Revealed

Resource-Related Research Projects

Renewal of Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence

Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology

FHB Management

Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance

Pathogen Biology and Genetics

Barley Coordinated Project

Durum Coordinated Project

Hard Winter Wheat Coordinated Project

Variety Development and Host Resistance