Help give Grow readers their final exam

final-exam Readers of Grow really like the Final Exam feature that appears on the last page of the magazine. We get a nice turnout for each issue—typically close to 150 participants—and it’s a great way to keep readers connected to CALS and, in a fun way, help keep up their knowledge base in our various disciplines.

Could you please help us keep this feature lively by sending us either some recent exams you’ve used—including the correct answers—AND/OR just providing 5 questions and answers that could conceivably appear on your exams (whether they will or not)? Please send your material to Grow editor Joan Fischer at

Please note that the questions you provide need to fit a typical multiple choice format. (We’re attaching a sample of a recent Final Exam.)

We could use as much material as possible, so please—fire away! Send us as many exams and/or questions as you care to provide. It would be great if you could send us something by June 17.

Many thanks for your time and help!