Jacquie Hitchon McSweeney helps CALS Partner with EARTH University

During her sabbatical in the fall 2012, LSC professor Jacquie Hitchon McSweene McSweeney visited Earth University in Costa Rica, along with her husband Kevin McSweeney, soil science professor , and Laura Van Toll, CALS Associate Director of International Programs, with the goal of renewing the relationship between CALS and EARTH. CALS was an early partner when EARTH was first starting with USAID support. Faculty members from the College, including McSweeney, have collaborated with EARTH faculty in the past, but mainly on research projects. The current initiative is intended to provide CALS students with an opportunity to take advantage of the unique educational opportunities offered at EARTH University.

After her visit, Hitchon McSweeney believes there are numerous opportunities for CALS students to enhance their education through study abroad at EARTH. “It is such an interesting and unique campus that I became quite enthralled with the potential for our students in CALS to experience something very, very different from the norm while being very much consistent with our teachings within the college,” said Hitchon McSweeney. (Read more).