CALS in the News for the Week of May 4-10

In the News:

UW wins greenhouse gas grant: University to lead $10 million dairy farm research project

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/7/2013

Quoted: Matt Ruark, Soil Science

Research Project To Study Link Between Farms, Climate

Wisconsin Public Radio News 5/7/2013

Quoted: Matt Ruark, Soil Science

USDA Research To Study Effects of Climate on Dairy, Beef Cattle

Farm Futures 5/7/2013

Pictured: Ron Hatfield, Agronomy

Quoted: Matt Ruark, Soil Science


UW-Madison gets $9.9 million to help make dairy industry greener

Wisconsin State Journal 5/6/2013

New project will adapt dairying to climate change

UW News 5/7/2013

Quoted: Matt Ruark, Soil Science

Quoted, Molly Jahn, Agronomy and Genetics


Honey bees under threat: a political pollinator crisis

The Guardian (UK) 5/8/2013

Column by: Daniel Lee Kleinman, Community and Environmental Sociology

and Sainath Suryanarayanan, Postdoc, Community and Environmental Sociology

Jan Rapacz, UW-Madison mutant pig developer and researcher, dies

Wisconsin State Journal 5/8/2013

Quoted: Millard Susman, Professor Emeritus, Genetics

Quoted: Daniel Schaefer, Chair, Animal Science

AgrAbility of Wisconsin Summit set for Thursday, May 16

Wisconsin State Farmer 5/9/2013

Mentioned: AgrAbility (CALS Biological Systems Engineering)

Loss of snow cover puts some species in jeopardy, UW scientists say

Milwaukee Journal Sentintel 5/8/2013

Quoted: Benjamin Zuckerberg, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Quoted: Jonathan Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology


Decline in snow cover spells trouble for many plants, animals

UW News 5/6/2013

Quoted: Jonathan Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Quoted: Benjamin Zuckerberg, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Widespread winterkill claims alfalfa

The Country Today 5/8/2013

Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Honorary Fellow, Center for Dairy Profitability

Put to the test: Website ranks the best ag schools in the world

Ag Professional 5/10/2013

Mentioned: UW-Madison (CALS implied)

Ride to Farm to support beginning dairy and livestock farmers

UW-Madison News 5/8/2013

Mentioned: School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers

Quoted: Richard Cates, Jr, Outreach Program Manager, CIAS

Gardens? There’s an Apps for that: author at library Thursday to discuss his new book

Reedsburg Times-Press 5/8/2013

Quoted: Jerold Apps, Professor Emeritus, CALS


Family gardening day at UW on Saturday

Wisconsin State Journal 5/10/2013

Mentioned: Babcock Hall dairy store


Of Interest:

‘Beemageddon’ threatens US with food disaster

Reuters 5/7/2013

Fruit tree demand still strong, nursery owners say

Capital Press 5/7/2013

Replanting the Rust Belt

The New York Times 5/7/2013

‘Grand dame of goat cheese’ Anne Topham retires

The Cap Times 5/4/2013


The Private Life of Deer

PBS/Nature 5/9/2013


A novel fishing rod holder snags top honors at UW-Madison School of Business Contest

Wisconsin State Journal 5/3/2013