Sherry Tanumihardjo, 2013 recipient of the Excellence in International Activities Award

Dean Kate VandenBosch and Sherry Tanumihardjo

The Excellence in International Activities Award this year goes to Sherry Tanumihardjo, whose international research, teaching and outreach efforts make her an excellent choice as the recipient of the CALS International Activities Award.

Sherry’s lab has two main research foci, vitamin A assessment methodology and carotenoid bioavailability. These two research foci overlap with her teaching and outreach responsibilities focusing on outcomes that apply directly to human nutrition. In this regard, she has conducted studies with human subjects in the United States, Indonesia, South Africa, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Zambia. Her work strongly advocates the promotion of vegetables and fruits to enhance overall health and general well being.

In addition to these research activities, Sherry has been a major force behind the internationalization of undergraduate education in CALS. She is a leader of the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health, established in 2010 with Sherry as the director. The program is a great success with over 200 students completing the certificate my May 2013.  Another ~300 declared have also declared.

Finally, Sherry has served as an advisor to WHO on the nutritional requirements of vitamin A and the development of global guidelines for vitamin A supplementation. She also receives research funding from the WHO to understand the metabolism of vitamin A in neonates, work that will be critical in revising the currentWHO guidelines.