Funding Opportunities for CGIAR-University Interaction

The Feed the Future Food Security Innovation Center (FSIC) leads USAID’s implementation of the Feed the Future Research Strategy by engaging U.S. universities, international research centers, the private sector, and local agricultural research and educational institutions in our partner countries to solve development challenges.

USAID has developed a revitalized program, the Feed the Future CGIAR-U.S. University Linkages Program, to support collaborative research between U.S. and CGIAR scientists in the seven program areas of the FSIC.

This new program will concentrate on senior researchers and university faculty and their students. It will support researcher and graduate student subsistence and international travel to the CGIAR centers.

Each CGIAR Research Program (CRP) will determine its needs and research interests, and will share further details about the program with the US academic community.

Download the Program Announcement:
CGIAR Linkages with US Universities – Public Guidance (doc)