Meet the UWPD community officers on the CALS beat

Kristin Radtke, Central Campus Community Officer

We would like to make you aware of a past and new resource available to you.  Officer Kristin Radtke has been the Central Campus Community Officer since November of 2003.  Central Campus consists of about 50 academic buildings.  Central Campus is from Park St. to Babcock Drive and University Ave. to the lake.  A few CALS buildings fall within this area.

Heidi Laundrie, West Campus Community Officer

More recently the Chief added a 5th community officer position.  This new position is the West Campus Community Officer, and Officer Heidi Laundrie took this new position.  West Campus is UW property from Babcock Drive west, which encompasses the remaining CALS buildings on campus.

Please feel free to use us as a resource.  We are happy to collaborate on projects, and be of assistance when you have a problem patron, or have a safety related issue happening in your building.

Please know we don’t work 24/7 so a good rule of thumb is to call 264-COPS (please put this number in your cell phone).  If a situation is not an emergency, but you would like to talk with or have some follow-up done please call or email the officer for your respective building.

Thanks and stay safe!

Officer Kristin Radtke. Central Campus Community Officer, 265-6753

Officer Heidi Laundrie, West Campus Community Officer, 890-4873