A meaty meal to remember: Dinner a la Master Meat Crafter Training Program

Showcase Dinner 1-15-13
Italian salami with wine

Last week, the Master Meat Crafter Training Program hosted a special dinner to highlight the products made by the current group of Master Meat Crafter candidates, who were in Madison to attend a two-day meat curing short course for the program. Each candidate contributed one item to the dinner, making for a delicious and uniquely meat-centric meal.

Appetizers included smoked salmon, jalapeno cheddar sticks, lean all-beef summer sausage, hunter’s sausage, hickory smoked summer sausage, Penokee Mountain sweet summer sausage, Italian salami with wine and teriyaki flat sticks.

The dinner entrées that followed included Point 2012 Black Ale smoked chicken, ham, cheddarwurst, potato sausage, smoked Andouille dinner links, Southwest chicken brats, polish sausage, smoked beef, barbecue pork, roast turkey, Bloody Mary brats and chicken pot pie.

The Master Meat Crafter program was founded in 2010 by Jeff Sindelar, a CALS assistant professor of animal sciences and UW-Extension Meats Specialist. It is designed to give the state’s small meat processors the opportunity to get advanced training in the principles of meat processing and become experts in their field.

Master Meat Crafter training program
Amanda King, an animal science research assistant, helps with the Master Meat Crafter short course.

The meat-processing industry is big business in Wisconsin, contributing more than $12 billion a year to the economy. While there are big name meat processors in the state, a large majority of the state’s 450 meat plants are fairly small, family operations.

The program takes approximately 2 ½ years to complete, with candidates coming to the UW-Madison campus multiple times for classes and hands-on workshops, as well as doing projects in their own meat plants. Successful completion of the program leads to a participant’s accreditation as a Master Meat Crafter.

Details about the Master Meat Crafter Training Program can be found at: