Bucky’s Butchery is front-page news

Bucky was in the headlines last weekend, and we’re not just talking about the Rose Bowl. A front-page story in last Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel focused on Bucky’s Butchery, that “Badger food enterprise that cranks out bacon, smoked sausages and steaks.”

A key point in the story is one that might not be clear to a lot of the store’s regular customers: Bucky’s Butchery is first and foremost an educational endeavor.

“Students learn how to grade the animals, both before and after they are killed on the second floor of the lab using industry-approved methods. Students learn how to cut carcasses into different retail cuts,” report Karen Herzog writes. “They also process specialty meats, such as hams, bacon and sausage. And, they answer questions from the public about cuts of meat sold in the shop on Fridays.”