Strategic Planning Announcement 10/24/12

Two subteams have been created within the strategic planning committee to lead efforts in the following areas:

1. CALS Priority Themes
Chair: Mark Rickenbach
Dean’s Office point person: Birl Lowery
Group members:  Rick Amasino, Murray Clayton, Cameron Currie, Nancy Esser, Randy Jackson, Pam Ruegg, and Monica Theis

Task: To identify opportunities and challenges in agriculture and the life sciences. This activity will be influenced by (a) external factors; (b) campus goals and activities; and (c) ideas that arise from the college community and external stakeholders. Department chairs already have been asked for their input.

2.  Consultation with Stakeholders
Chair:  Dietram Scheufele
Dean’s Office point person: Heidi Zoerb
Group members: Susan Crane, Christen Geyer, Adrienne Shelton, John Shutske, Steve Switzer, Tom Szalkucki, and Steve Ventura

Task: To develop ideas for consultation with our stakeholders inside and outside the college. This includes identifying what groups should be consulted, what mechanisms should be used (in person and/or electronic), and how to tailor questions to each group.

In addition, a group, headed by Ian Coxhead, is drafting a set of strategic planning guiding principles. A draft will be available soon. In the meantime, your questions and comments are welcome through the submission form below.