Ag Hall gets a new crop of rural art

Leave yourself a little extra time the next time you have business in or near Ag Hall so you can take in the new installation of art in the foyer. This is the fourth year that the college has used the space to showcase selected pieces from the Wisconsin Regional Art Program, a 70-year-old program that was born in (what was then known as) the College of Agriculture as the Wisconsin Rural Art Program, with the mission of fostering the development of nonprofessional artists. For more on CALS connections to rural art, see The Culture of Ag by Jennifer Smith in the summer 2012 issue of Grow magazine.

Here are the artists and works in the new installation.

  • Jan Wood, “Caged Cranes”
  • Jack Dennis, “Rock Garden in Spring”
  • Lynn Chu, “Misty Beauties”
  • Becky Livick, “Peachy”
  • Siyi Lu, “Greeting Spring”
  • Lu Chou,“Imagine Peace”
  • Kathleen Hosch,  “Big Red”
  • Don MacCrimmon, “Portrait of a Young Girl”
  • Vina Yang, “I Love My Land”
  • C.K. Chang, “Half Moon Bay California”
  • Kristina Hauk, “Great White Egret in Love”