Dean appoints committee to lead strategic planning

Dean VandenBosch has appointed a committee with representatives from the college’s faculty, staff, students and board of visitors to lead the effort to develop a strategic plan for CALS.

“I look forward to working with each of you in defining our priorities, engaging our stakeholders and planning for the future success of CALS,” she told committee members. She will convene the group later this month, and is preparing a charge with six key tasks:

  • Articulate principles to guide establishment of priorities in CALS.
  • Define overarching themes to emphasize in setting priorities for investment and integrating research, teaching and outreach activities.
  • Make recommendations for the college’s future scope and mission.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the college’s current structure and identify places where restructuring may be desirable.
  • Address issues related to teaching, training and learning, such as defining instructional capacity and articulating goals for educational innovation.
  • Recommend ways to undertake planning for other components of CALS, including research stations, centers, international activities and advancement activities.

In undertaking the planning process, the committee will employ a variety of strategies to gather input from inside and outside of the CALS community in addition to considering a collection of reports and data that has been assembled over the summer for this purpose. The committee will gather information during the fall and prepare its recommendations early in the new year, with the goal of releasing recommendations for discussion by mid-semester.

Committee members include:

Faculty: Rick Amasino, Biochemistry; Murray Clayton, Plant Pathology; Ian Coxhead, Ag and Applied Economics; Mark Rickenbach, Forest and Wildlife Ecology; Pam Ruegg, Dairy Science; Randy Jackson, Agronomy; Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication; John Shutske, Biological Systems Engineering; Steve Ventura, Soil Science

Staff: Nancy Esser, Marshfield Ag Research Station; Monica Theis, Food Sciences;, Tom Szalkucki, Ctr. for Dairy Research

Students: Christen Geyer, Genetics, Undergrad; Adrienne Shelton, Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics, Grad Student

Board of Visitors: Susan Crane, Bill Oemichen