Search opens for new CALS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dean VandenBosch has appointed a search committee to find candidates for the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs position in CALS . The position announcement has been approved by campus and posted online here.

This position is vitally important to CALS’ future, especially so with the current campus emphasis on Education Innovation. Please encourage qualified faculty/staff to apply.

To be assured consideration, applications are due by October 26, 2012. If you have questions about the opportunity, please contact Rick Lindroth at 262-6972 or by email at

To apply, address a cover letter and resume with details of relevant qualifications and experience to the attention of Rick Lindroth re: PVL 74658, UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Applications should be submitted as a single, electronic (PDF) file to Dawn Wagner at

Members of the Search Committee include:

  • Tom Browne
  • Robin Kurtz
  • Allan Laughon
  • Rick Lindroth (Chair)
  • Sara Patterson
  • Bryan Renk
  • Kent Weigel
  • Eric Wilcots
  • Jake Greshik (Undergraduate student representative)

Dawn Wagner will provide administrative assistance to the Committee.