Sausage-making and other spectator sports

Turns out Otto Von Bismarck was only half right. He’s the one who said “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.” It may be painful to observe the legislative process at both the state and national level these days, but judging by the crowds in front of Jeff Sindelar’s table at the State Fair, sausage-making is fun to watch. The CALS sausagemeister made five batches of brats during the course last Wednesday’s UW-Madison Day at the State Fair, and if you came late you had to stand on tiptoes to get a look.  Part of the appeal was the opportunity to taste the end product and pick up Sindelar’s “Wisconsin Special” brat recipe, which include cheese, dried cranberries, maple syrup and other Badger State ingredients.

Sindelar’s was just one of a number of crowd-pleasing demonstrations from CALS and UW-Extension at the fair. Visitors also enjoyed watching Babcock Hall’s Gary Grossen making cheese, trying out a putting green provided by the crew from the O.J. Noer turfgrass center, and many other activities focused on wildlife, insects, soils, horticulture, plant diseases and more. Take a look for yourself on the CALS Facebook page.