Requested: Nominations for faculty, staff and students for CALS strategic planning committee

As we have discussed this past spring, CALS will be engaging in strategic planning to set priorities for the future of the college.  While college governance committees and department chairs will provide guidance to the planning process, a core committee of 10 to 12 will carry out much of the work of drafting a strategic plan.  The core will engage the CALS community in this process and may delegate specific tasks to other committees.

I am seeking nominations for the committee.  Self nominations are welcomed.  We are seeking diversity in roles, perspectives and disciplinary background for the committee membership. The committee will have representation from the APC, other governance committees, department chairs, faculty, staff and the Board of Visitors.

In addition to deep knowledge of specific parts of the college, committee members should have an interest in developing a vision for CALS as a whole. Members should be collaborative and work well in a context of shared decision making.  Particularly of interest are individuals who, from their experiences, have knowledge of multiple aspects of the college.  This might include, for example, faculty who are accomplished researchers and who have also demonstrated leadership in the educational mission of the college, or those who carry out basic research but also participate in applied research and outreach.  Similarly, academic or classified staff who have supported multiple aspects of our research, teaching and outreach missions would be welcome nominees.

We would also like to appoint an undergraduate and a graduate student to the committee to provide student perspective for the strategic plan, so please give some thought to student leaders who could contribute to and also gain from this experience.

Please send your suggestions to Janis Simons by the end of the day Wednesday, August 22nd.  Include a brief statement of what expertise your nominee could contribute to strategic planning.

Kate VandenBosch