Chronicle of Higher Ed: Ag colleges are popular and needed more than ever, but they’re hurting for resources

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at the history and current situation for land grant agricultural colleges:

“As land-grant-university officials prepare to visit Washington this month to celebrate their institutions…they say that the agriculture colleges that are at the core of Morrill’s mission are more popular with students than they’ve been in decades, and that the institutions’ pathbreaking research and teaching are more critical than ever in a world facing huge population increases, climate change, and shortages of energy, water, and food.

“But state-budget cuts mean that many of the agriculture colleges are raising tuition and having to do more with less at the same time that they’re trying to make sure curricula and research keep pace with an agricultural economy that is not just increasingly high-tech but also increasingly global. Many deans are casting worried glances at institutions in India and China, which are investing heavily in higher education and in research”