UWPD’s Kristin Radtke is leaving Ag Hall, but she’s not going far

It has been a pleasure working with and sharing office space with all of you these last few years in Ag Hall.  Nancy Nicholas Hall (SoHE) is finishing completion, and I am moving back there.  Just a reminder I am still the Central Campus Community Officer, and Central Campus includes buildings from Park St. to Babcock Drive, and University Ave. to the lake.  Feel free to continue to use me as a resource by either calling, emailing, or stopping over to my new office.  I will be finishing my move on June 4, at training June 5-7, and on vacation June 8-17.  When I return from vacation on Monday, June 18 I will be in my new space.

Know that a new West Campus Community Officer position will be starting later this summer and that position includes all buildings to the west of Babcock Drive.  When the officer starts that position she will be introduced to everyone.

Officer Kristin Radtke
Central Campus Community Officer
(608) 265-6753