CALS now accepting new freshman as undeclared majors through the Transitional Advising Service

CALS is now about four weeks into a new program under which new freshman can come into the college as undeclared majors. New undergrads who choose this route will be handled through the college’s new Transitional Advising Service within Undergraduate Programs and Services, staffed by advisors Dan Barnish and Molly Reinhard.

“We’ll be helping the students who come in as undeclared majors to decide on a major within three semesters,” Barnish explains.

The primary targets for this program are students who are generally undecided, but pretty sure they want to select a major that resides in CALS. We expect that most will be headed toward a B.S. in one of the biological sciences majors, but also welcome the opportunity to promote our social science, production, and other life sciences programs. It is not targeted toward students who are “broadly undecided” or who are considering majors across multiple colleges.

In addition to serving as the primary academic advising home for students with undeclared majors, TAS will work to assist other on campus students to transition successfully into CALS majors, as well as partner with CALS departments experiencing heavy enrollment/advisee loads, such as Dietetics, Environmental Science, and Microbiology, to provide overflow advising and assistance with major exploration.

For details see this factsheet or contact:

  • Dan Barnish: 608.262.5780,
  • Molly Reinhard: 608.890.2549,