Searches for four CALS faculty positions will begin soon

Last year’s request to CALS departments for applications for faculty position yielded 17 proposals.  In April, the Academic Planning Council evaluated these position proposals, made recommendations concerning hiring priorities and produced a ranked list of proposals they deemed to be in the top half. Based on the APC recommendations and additional factors, the CALS administrative team has decided to release four positions for searches beginning this summer.  The four positions are as follows:

  • A position related to animal nutrition.
  • A position focused on breeding of asexually propagated crops in the Department of Horticulture.
  • A microbial physiology position in the Department of Bacteriology.
  • A molecular evolution and population genetics position in the Department of Entomology.

The Dean’s office will be working with department chairs to finalize PVLs and search timelines. For proposals not selected in this round, the administrative team will be providing feedback based on the discussion in the APC and among the deans.

“All of the proposals had merit, and we expect that many will be priorities as we complete our strategic planning,” says Dean VandenBosch.